Stardust is a FUN-packed entertainment center

You might remember Stardust as a bowling alley or an arcade – well a lot has changed! Now it’s a spacious, high-energy, entertainment center designed to turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience. With all of our options, the fun never stops at Stardust with:

Challenge your friends and hone your skills in the best laser tag in Saginaw

Looking for the best laser tag in Saginaw? Our two-story laser tag arena delivers a game of strategy and skill with one mission – WIN! Bring all your friends! Our arena can handle up to 32 people playing at one time. Each game includes three-six minute sessions for a total of 18 mins of play! WARNING: Take off your layers and wear flat shoes- this game is also a great workout. Participants need to be 44 inches or taller to play laser tag.

Think your way to freedom in our Escape Rooms

Stardust offers four different themed escape rooms in Saginaw. Escape rooms from an alien invasion to a nuclear lockdown are waiting for your group to solve the puzzle to freedom! Players have 60 mins to figure out all the puzzles, riddles, and locks using clues, hint, and strategy to escape. Are you game?

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Bring your kids and be one again in our drink friendly video arcade

We have over 60 of the most popular games in the video arcade world. From classic video games like skeeball and basketball to JUMBO Space Invaders, The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park, you’ll find the video gamesarcade games in Saginaw you love. Once you have won all your tickets, you can redeem them in our new and improved prize store with hundreds of prizes to choose from or hang on to your Stardust Card (it digitally holds all the tickets) and save for that high ticket prize. Stop in and check out the largetst selection of video games in Saginaw.

Whirl away some fun in our Bumper Cars

Bump, spin, crash, and laugh in our LED lighted bumper cars. These are single rider cars and participants need to be 44 inches or taller to ride.


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Stardust has all the fun activities to make your event memorable. Whether it’s our escape rooms, video games arcade, bumper cars or laser tag in Saginaw, you are sure to have a great time!